In a time-constrained world….

In a time-constrained world….

In a time-constrained world., how do you ensure your learners get the training they need?

Many online training courses are digital in name only. They were created from classroom course notes, with scant attention paid to the ingredients that can make the digital experience so effective — graphics and sound, of course, but also time economy.

That’s important because this is a time-constrained world in which people generally demand high-quality online experiences — and have little patience if learning materials fall short of those expectations.


It’s all about the UX

At Energy Future, we understand the important of the user experience in achieving optimal outcomes. So, we’ve put that at the centre of our thinking. Our website’s dynamic thumbnail menu [text hyperlink:  makes finding content simple and effective. High-quality graphic design and animations maximise the connection between visuals and sound.

It’s not just about superior production values, though. Our courses are also significantly shorter than other online offerings. That’s by design: without ever compromising on the learning objectives, our lessons deliver information much more efficiently than overlong and uninspiring traditional e-learning. So, people don’t just learn faster: they can realistically fit online courses into busy schedules. We’ve broken down complex content into bite-sized units for the same reason — it gives learners the flexibility to dip in and out as they need.

Tailoring learning to modern needs — brevity, granularity, the freedom to learn at any pace … plus beautiful visuals — greatly improves engagement and that helps people retain the information they’re trying to acquire.

What are you waiting for? Visit the Energy Future site today, and provide your people with the opportunity they need to upskill themselves.